BroadFeed is a social news reading app that parses the links shared on Twitter, and curates them for the user. Not only can a user view the content behind the links shared in their feed, a full Twitter lists directory is also available from within the app for additional content discovery. The content is viewed through various lenses including an editorial, photo and zeitgeist views. Last but not least, the content is curated within various timeframe (selected by the user) by a server side application which constantly monitors the feeds and weighs the content being shared. While Apps like Pulse and Flipboard were released around the same time, none offered a content curation mechanism. We felt it was a key functionality, so that a user would never missed the good bits, regardless of how often they used the app. Broadfeed was concepted, designed and built by the Product Development Group at Organic. With the launch of the iPad in 2010, we felt we needed experience designing on this new platform asap. The app launched at SXSW in early 2011, received great reviews from its users, and was featured in the "Top 10 New and Noteworthy" in the Apple app store. Role: Creative & Art Direction, Product Lead. Award: 2011 User Experience Awards BroadFeed, A Social Newspaper For Tablets - Honorable Mention

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