Equinox Fitness

Website redesign, creation of a digital training platform for members. When pitching Equinox Fitness in early 2007, there was no iPhone or Nike+. Personal trainers & people walked around the club tracking their workouts by writing them down in notebooks. We sold Equinox on creating an online training platform for their trainers and members. The platform which is still in use today is known as MyEQ. It is an application through which your classes and workouts are tracked, and your progress towards a goal are clearly displayed. This tool proved highly succesful in retaining membership levels (which often drop a few month after a new year), and helping motivate gym members in achieving their goals. Spending time in the clubs, we also realized how hard it was to book a bike for a spinning class; members waited at the club until they could write their name down on a chart to get their bike just before a class started. Classes always filled up, and people were left to figure out something else to do if they didn't get in. We developed an online booking tool so members could reserve a seat within a 12 hour window. The tool allowed each club to customize the layout to match their cycling studio and number of bikes. Role: ACD, Art Direction Award: 2008 WEB MARKETING ASSOCIATION AWARD Equinox Fitness, Equinox.com - Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

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