Tesla Motors

Tesla is a different kind of car company, but is it the right car for me? The upcoming launch of the 2012 Model S gave us an opportunity to help answer that question for consumers. The proposal was not about selling more cars (not a problem for Tesla), but about educating the public on driving an EV, compared to their current vehicle. So this was the platform we came up with, "Drive The Future, Are You Ready?" Starting with an in-store (and online) experience was paramount. When, where and how do I charge were common recurring questions. By using touch screens customers could create a personal driver profile to see if the vehicle could fit their driving habits and lifestyle. But nothing replaces real driving conditions, so we proposed a mobile app that a user would use in their current car. The app would monitor their actual driving habits and could simulate what it would be like if they were driving a Model S. Role: Creative/Art Director, working in partnership with another CD and ECD.

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