Designing a first e-commerce iPad app for Walmart. In 2011, Walmart reached out to the Organic Product Development Team in New York. While not directly giving us an RFP, they did ask us to show them what we could envision (read blue sky) as an iPad app idea for their brand. While they loved our ideas and awarded us the work, what they really wanted was a fully e-commerce enabled app on the platform. So this is what we gave them. The work was a close collaboration between the Product Development Group which I lead in New York, and the Organic San Francisco office. After a few brainstorm sessions with the client, we delivered a full set of UX wires and Visual Design comps within a seven weeks timeline. The app was built in-house by the Walmart Labs team. The app was a success from the get go, and is consistently rated as one of the better e-commerce experience within the iTunes store. Role: Product design lead

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