Reinventing the WWE online experience for the future - pitch. (note: this was a very fun pitch which we lost on numbers, not creative) It's hard to find more passionate fans than WWE fans. The first thing we thought of was to give them their own personal locker where they could save their favorite content. Knowing that the WWE had decades of video content archived, we proposed tagging that content so that it would be searchable by wrestlers, but also by story plots, and even by unique moves. This would allow us to create timelines for each wrestlers so that a new fan could learn about an individual and get up to speed on the various feuds going on. Last, we wanted to engage the viewers at home knowing that many had a second screen in hands while watching Raw or Smackdown. An app would engage them with pre-show content available in app only, and include live polling and additional camera angles available during the live show. All the social chatter is also be aggregated within the app during the shows. Last, we thought of a "Chat Roulette" like experience, where iPad owners can turn their camera on and get a chance to be broadcasted back on the stadium jumbotron...after all, a huge part of wrestling is watching the fans and their signs, why should the people at home be left out? Role: Creative Director, in partnership with an ECD, CD and ACD.

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