How can we be better at motivating and retaining our gym members?

When pitching Equinox Fitness in early 2007, there were no iPhones or Nike+. Personal trainers and members walked around the club tracking their workouts by writing them down in notebooks.


Research insight 
“Setting a goal and having a plan gives you a much better chance to succeed.“
– Personal Trainer 

My EQ – Setting a goal


We developed MyEQ, a first-to-market online training platform for Equinox’s trainers and members. It is an application through which your classes and workouts are tracked (using check-in data), and your progress towards a goal are displayed. 

My EQ – training platform, program view


MyEQ was successful in maintaining membership levels, and in increasing engagement with Personal Trainers.


Further insight
While spending time in the clubs doing research, we realized how tedious it was to book a bike for a spin class; members had to wait until they could write their name down on a chart to get a bike, just before the class started. Classes always filled up, and people were left to figure out something else to do if they didn't get a bike.

 We developed an online booking tool so members could reserve a bike within a 12 hour window. The tool allowed each club to customize the layout to match their cycling studio, and their number of bikes.

Studio Cycling – online booking tool


The online booking tool was a huge success, delivering a first in-class experience for Equinox, and creating a benchmark within the industry for others to follow.

Equinox – Club finder navigation tree

Club landing page with My EQ widget open



What I did
I worked on this account from the initial pitch to completion. This was my first "you won it, you own it" client assignment at Organic. I managed the design and front-end teams doing the work, ran all client reviews, and kept designing throughout the project to support the team.
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