How might we enhance the relationship between a Financial Advisor and his or her client?

While doing research and stakeholders interviews, we realized FA's often kept folders with their client's info, goals & life aspirations, even pictures of their kids. Communication happened though a mix of voice, email, and text messaging.
For clients, we found out they often thought of their financial goals as life milestones, for example a child entering college, and less as assets allocation.

Plan To Live - A User Journey


We proposed building a digital platform called "Plan To Live" where both could communicate in real-time, and work and create a plan together.

It would allow the client to update their FA on life and milestones changes, and for the FA to share strategies and assets allocation to reach their goals. 
Conversations would be securely captured through the platform, and both parties could conference together during performance review time.

Finally, a personal index was created to give the client a quick snapshot of how he or she is tracking against their life plan.

Overview and personal index

The Life page shows the client a timeline to view progress towards their goals.

Selecting a goal or milestone brings up conversation between the client and their FA.

A detailed assets view is also available.

A mobile app allows for secure real-time messaging.

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